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New for 2010   MasterSuite | Connect   gives you all the tools to manage communications across all of your audiences and sales channels.


MasterSuite | Connect

A collection of MasterSuite Webapps for connecting to your customers and employees and keeping a truly captive audience.



Customer Relationship Management

The MasterSales CRM solution offers a cutting-edge Webapp for customer relationship management that not only makes CRM more efficient; it’s also one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use relationship management tools ever to be released as a SaaS solution — designed specifically for smaller operations.
Whether you're conducting customer service or identifying your next customer, MasterSales offers the tools to help you keep a truly captive audience.


MasterDoc: Sales

Sales Correspondence Builder

MasterDoc: Sales | is a sister app to the original MasterDoc application for template based HR-related document creation, that allows rapid development of sales correspondence from hundreds of proven templates.

Simply enter a few data points in a short series of Web form fields and instantly generate a sales piece that can be exported to a desktop email client as either text or HTML. You can also use the templates provided to build your own custom sales document



Customer Issue Tracking.

MasterTrack | is an issue tracking system that allows technical and customer support teams to take on the task of managing customer questions and requests, thanks to a Web-based solution that's fully integrated with MasterSales.

Whenever MasterSales is deployed as your CRM solution, your client database is securely shared with MasterTrack, which thus becomes your go-to application for responding to customer inquiries.



Project Management

A Web-based solution from partner company WizeHive.com, MasterTask is a collaboration platform that allows groups to share conversations, notes, tasks, calendars, files, and other information in secure, private, workspaces.

Information can be entered from within MasterTask, or via email, Twitter, and mobile devices. MasterTask’s form builder, data utilities, and workflow tools enable streamlined collaboration around key business processes like project management, recruitment, scheduling, and a nearly endless list of other tasks.


Why Connect?

MasterSuite: Connect is a suite of software solutions designed to help businesses unify communications across audiences via a cross-platform task management system.

As we all struggle to find ways to cut overhead costs without sacrificing productivity, efficient communication is more important than ever. With an ever growing list of media available to help us connect and communicate with everyone from our best friend in Tokyo to our tech support team down the hall, choosing the right medium to maximize the impact and efficacy of our message can be challenging.

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With many smaller operations stretched across state — or even national — borders, streamlining communication with team members, partners, vendors and clients is paramount to maintaining high productivity levels and optimal customer engagement.

With so many options available, how do you decide which medium to use to create an efficient system for unified communications across audiences? Is it even possible?

We think it is. Which is why in December 2009, MasterSuiteApps.com will unveil MasterSuite: Connect, a suite of Web-based software apps for achieving the ultimate in unified communications.


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