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Customer Relationship Management
The Shopping Cart Widgets

Shopping Cart Widget

Add a fully functional shopping cart to your page that allows customers to purchase as many of your products as they would like in a single transaction. If you haven’t built a shopping cart yet, click the Shopping Cart option in the upper navigation menu to begin developing your product catalog.


MasterSite gives you all the tools to build a profitable Website in minutes.

Using the MasterSite Shopping Cart Builder, you can build a fully functional e-commerce site, featuring an extensive product catalog, user shopping cart options and PayPal checkout — without ever leaving the Website Builder. When you sell online, you want to be sure you can accept orders, and setting up payment options for yourMasterSite is easy.

Your MasterSite can be fully integrated with PayPal to process credit card payments quickly and easily. All you have to do is enter the email address associated with your PayPal account, and instantly you can begin taking direct orders on your site.


If you'd rather drive your customers to a storefront, you can still leverage the revenue potential of your MasterSite simply by dragging the Google Adsense widget onto any of your Web pages. Just like that, you can begin generating Cost-per-Click revenue from Google ads. Sound to good to be true? Believe it or not, MasterSite's drag and drop design makes building your own Website child's play. Don't believe us? Email the SuiteMasters at: support@lodestartechlabs.com to challenge one of us to a race to see who can build a site faster.