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The majority of traffic generated by top Web sites is driven by search engines. But to obtain high search rankings on Google, Yahoo and the rest, you must first optimize your Web site — and search engine optimization can be a daunting task for the lay user.


Luckily, MasterSite was designed with the novice in mind. Each time you create a new page using MasterSite, you're given the option to enter important META data like Page Title, Page Description and Keywords. By populating these fields with keywords that reinforce the content on your pages, you significantly increase your chances of ranking high on popular search engines. The best part is you never have to touch a piece of HTML code!


If you ever have questions about how to approach SEO on your MasterSite, you can always defer to the SmallBiz Wizards, who are available 24-7 to answer just about any Online Marketing question you can come up with.