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Whether you reference MasterPlan’s narrative templates simply for a demonstration, or let them do all the writing for you (which, theoretically, they could do), they’ll complete the first — and perhaps most difficult — step in the planning process: Overcoming writer’s block.

Other business plan builders may help you tell the story. With template language to fit almost any scenario, MasterPlan practically writes the story for you.

Why start your business plan narrative from scratch? Our experts have created an extensive library of template language that gives you options at every stage of the narrative writing process. No matter which industry or product category your plan is targeting, an easy-to-use wizard will guide you to a customized description to place beneath every header in your outline. Simply answer a few basic questions about the way you intend to approach each aspect of your business proposition, and the MasterPlan Template Generator will produce a professionally crafted explanation that meets your needs.