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Partners with a Common Goal

Partnering with MasterSuite Apps offers innumerable benefits to companies seeking to enhance their position in the small business marketplace. MasterSuite Apps is offering small businesses a cutting-edge, easy-to-use and low-cost alternative to standard software purchases. Our goal is to increase the stock of each of our affiliates by allowing them to form a close, branded association with a network of innovators and small business experts with similar but noncompetitive interests in the small business Web-based services industries. Below, find a list of just a few examples of the benefits enjoyed by our affiliates.


Deliver Value to Your Customers with No Upfront Investment

Offer your customers a low-cost alternative to standard enterprise software. In a day when small businesses are looking more than ever for cost savings opportunities that don’t diminish their bottom line, Software-as-a-Service eliminates the start-up and maintenance costs that come with standard software purchases and upgrades.


Take Advantage of Key Brand Adjacencies

Position your brand alongside a global network of Internet companies that are leading the software on-demand revolution. MasterSuite Apps offers a host of co-branding options to allow our partner to bolster their own market strength by leveraging relationships with innovative brands in the technology market place.


The MasterSuiteApps.com Affiliate Portal

The MasterSuiteApps.com Affiliate Portal gives partners a centralized point of access to track the success of their affiliate program through a variety of resources and metrics. For example, choose from a continuously updated library of banner ads, product pages and additional marketing collateral to help optimize messaging to your target audience. Also, access real-time statistics on lead generation and follow-through from clicks generated from your banners and trackable links.


Partner Resources
As a valued partner of MasterSuite Apps, you enjoy a range of benefits to help you expedite promotional efforts on your Web site, including:
The Banner Farm
For affiliates and resellers, MasterSuite Apps has compiled a comprehensive library of banners, skyscrapers and other standard-size ads in both JPEG and GIF formats.
HTML Email Templates
For resellers, MasterSuite Apps' designers have created a series of Email templates that can be co-branded or completely rebranded and instantly distributed to your entire database.
Turn Key Product Pages
For resellers who want to draw a direct link between their own brand and the MasteSuite family of software products, MasterSuite Apps has turn key product pages ready for delivery to your company site via customizable API.
Reskinning Guides
For private label partners, MasterSuite Apps' developers maintain thorough scope documentation and styling guides so that affiliates can rebrand our apps and deploy them to their own customer base in just a matter of weeks. Contact our Business Development team to learn more about product reskinning.