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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Affiliates


Q: Who is eligible for the MasterSuite Apps Affiliate Program?

A: There are no specific requirements or restrictions of record to join the MasterSuite Apps Affiliate Program. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, small business, or represent a large enterprise, you can choose from any of our three Affilaite Programs. However, MasterSuite Apps reserves the right to determine whether existing relationships or agreements require a particular prospective company to (1) not become an affilaite, or (2) implement at a specified Affilaite Level in order for MasterSuite Apps or its affiliates to comply with existing agreements and/or contracts.
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Q: Is it possible to implement more than one Affilaite Program?

A: Yes. In fact, in many cases MasterSuite Apps will encourage affilaites to experiment and test the effectiveness of more than one Affilaite Program in reaching a particular audience or customer base. An Affilaite may thus maintain multiple types of relationships with MasterSuite Apps; however, in such cases, the Affilaite will be required to maintain an individual account for each Affilaite Program Level for which it is contracted.
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Q: Am I required to sign any contracts to become a Lodestar Technology Labs Affiliate?

A: Yes. Once the preferred partner program level has been mutually agreed upon by Lodestar Labs and a prospective partner, the partner must contractually commit to implementing one of Lodestar Labs Affiliate Programs for a minimum of one (1) year. Affiliates are also required to sign the Lodestar Labs Affiliate Agreement, which requires full compliance among other provisions, with pertinent quality assurance and content licensing policies and procedures.
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Q: What technical support is available for affiliates?

A: Affiliate partners can submit their questions and suggestions via email to affiliates@LodestarTechLabs.com. You will receive a response within two business days. Reseller and Private Label affiliates are provided both phone and email access to MasterSuite Apps' technical and customer support staff. Private Label Affiliates are also given access to MasterSuite Apps' Premium Technical Support Program, which includes extensive product support documentation and product and sales support training.
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Q: Who provides technical support for a MasterSuite Apps customer who is subscribed through an Affiliate sales channel?

A: In the cases of Affiliate or Reseller Affiliates, all technical and customer support (related to MasterSuite Apps products) to customers generated through Affiliate sales channels is solely the responsibility of MasterSuite Apps. Private Label Affiliates provide all technical support to both end-user subscribers and its own affiliate and reseller partners.
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Q: How do I track the progress of my Affiliate Program?

A: The MasterSuiteApps.com Affiliate Portal offers partners and affiliates a centralized, secure online destination where you can access real-time statistics measuring clicks to all your trackable links. In addition, you can access a multitude of banners and additional marketing collateral through the MasterSuiteApps.com Affiliate Portal.
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