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Three Affiliate Programs

If you’d like to leverage the value of the MasterSuite Apps product catalog to increase revenue for your Web site, we offer several options for promoting our products through a combination of advertising and cobranded product promotion. Check out our three affiliate programs by clicking on one of the links below.


MasterSuiteApps.com Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate partner, you get none of the responsibilities, but all of the rewards! Sign up to become an affiliate and you can start generating new revenue for your site almost immediately, with no initial investment required. Drive traffic to MasterSuiteApps.com by simply including trackable promotional links and banners on your Web site. If one of your customers signs up for any of our services, we’ll pay you a 30 percent commission for every month they remain a subscriber to our service(s). Yes, that means for the lifetime of the subscription!

Download the MasterSuite Apps Affiliate Agreement.

The best part about our affiliate program is that we don’t pay on a CPM or CPA basis. When your site generates a lead that becomes a sale, you get paid a percentage of the monthly revenue we receive from the purchaser’s subscription. In other words, our affiliate program can become an ongoing, longterm source of revenue for you and your Web site.  Also, as an affiliate, you’re given secure access to real-time statistics on lead generation and follow-through.

MasterSuite Apps marketing team has developed a library of marketing materials to help you tailor the messaging of banners, skyscrapers and other collateral to the specific needs and interests of your target customer. In other words, we give you the tools you need to generate leads — all you have to do is determine the best ways to use them!
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MasterSuite Reseller

The Reseller Program is designed for businesses who deliver online services to small business customers. As a Reseller, our marketing team will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets the specific needs of your audience.

Though we allow some resellers to cobrand our products and services, most resellers distribute our services under MasterSuite Apps’ proprietary brand names and give reasonably prominent attribution to MasterSuite Apps as the developer and distributor of the services.

Contact us to determine if you qualify for co-branding.

Resellers are given several options when it comes to determining where the applications and services will be hosted and delivered to the end user. MasterSuite Apps is committed to working with each of our partners to determine a custom solution that maximizes the value of our products for their customers and achieves the greatest possible return.   

To determine if you qualify to co-brand our products and servies contact our business development team at bizdev@LodestarTechLabs.com.   

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Technology Private Labeler

MasterSuite Apps offers a private label program to companies who wish to license and distribute our technology solutions under their own brand.

The Private Label program features the MasterSuite Apps Premium Technical Support Program, which provides access to extensive product and technical support. The Private Label level is most suitable for implementation on Web sites with large existing subscriber bases and/or large subscription potential.   

At MasterSuite Apps, we recognize the benefits for certain partners to establish a direct link between their corporate brand and the unadorned software products themselves. In other words, we believe that in many cases, customers may perceive a greater value for our products if they are branded as proprietary services offered by our affiliates. Therefore we allow certain preferred vendors to license our technology for redistribution via their own dedicated Web portals. Such affiliates are permitted to reskin our products and services to more closely align them with their own brands and to package them with proprietary products or services for delivery directly to their customers via existing sales channels.   

To find out if you qualify to become a MasterSuite Apps Private Label Affiliate, contact our Business Development team at bizdev@lodestartechlabs.com.

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