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About MasterSuiteApps.com

Lodestar Technology LabsThe MMasterSuiteApps.com is a division of Lodestar Technology Labs, a privately held LLC headquartered in Atlanta’s Buckhead business district.


asterSuite is one of the first complete online office suites designed specifically for small businesses. Companies use the MasterSuite family of On-Demand software applications for everything from human resource management, document creation and business development to sales, marketing and many more key office functions.


For an affordable monthly or annual subscription, our customers can access important company documents, update their Websites or conduct staff trainings easily and conveniently, any time — anywhere. To top it off, all technical support and product upgrades are included with every subscription.


Currently, the MasterSuite includes six Web-based applications and one Windows-compatible desktop program, with several more Web apps scheduled for release before 2010, including Customer Relationship Management and Issue tracking tools, along with a project collaboration software solution and a sales campaign builder.


MasterSuiteApps.com also sells the SmallBiz Wizards Consulting Service, which offers 24-7 access to business professionals who personally respond to every question our customers ask them about their businesses — in two days or less.


Our Mission: Decrease Costs. Increase Capabilities

Lodestar Labs strives to provide advanced technological solutions tailored to the unique software needs of small business with fewer than 50 employees. With that idea in mind, our primary mission is to design software that optimizes accessibility and efficiency by facilitating cross-platform, multi-user access to a centralized online environment. In other words, our software facilitates seamless collaboration among small business owners and their employees by allowing them to access key documents, upload files to their company Web site or conduct staff training exercises, for example, any time — anywhere in the world.


We are able to reduce infrastructure costs for end-user businesses by delivering almost all of our products via the Internet using a subscription-based pricing model. The long-term benefit to our end-user lies in the resultant reassignment of productivity software as a variable expense (purchased on demand), rather than a fixed cost at the time of initial purchase.


Eyes Trained on the Future

Lodestar Labs continues to produce Windows-based software to fulfill the security requirements of certain operational functions. However, as our primary mission is to create innovative solutions with advanced functionality and cross-platform capabilities, our central focus remains on the Web-based software delivery model.


We are confident that the SaaS concept will ultimately replace the traditional model of enterprise applications, which requires platform-specific software to be installed and operated locally. We are thus committed to identifying new ways to capitalize on the technological opportunities presented by proliferate Web-based platforms with the goal of continuously increasing the accessibility of all our software products.